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Someone Like You

Dear Mom, Happy Birthday! I really miss you. I think about you every single day, and see you in the mirror smiling back at me. I'm so thankful for you, and for what we had. Our path wasn't normal, and we weren't going to be on any hallmark cards for mother/son relationships but we were good. We were special, and once all the bullshit was gone it was wonderful. I forgave you many years ago, and I'm so happy that I was able to tell you that before you moved on to the next "trip." I don't believe in much, and I know that always pissed you off but I'm coming around. I still believe you are out there somewhere, I'll come to the ocean soon and talk. You used to say to tell me to find something/someone that makes you happy, and I have. I'm doing well, I lost control for a bit but I'm getting better everyday. I wish we could talk for real. I have so much to say, to tell you, to share with you, but for now I'll just hope that you can read blogs

I Didn't Even Wear Green

Just another day. Today is/was Saint Patrick's Day, or Paddy's Day however you choose to write it (just not Patty). It is the first one that I can remember where I did not get shitfaced. Or at the very least have an afternoon nap. That is weird. In fact, I did not have drop of alcohol, and I"m going on 24 days without it. I feel great, I'm thinner, I'm stronger, I'm happier. I even ran 11.5 miles on Saturday, 6.5 more than planned. Today though, I was craving corned beef and cabbage. So tasty, needed it. Thought to myself probably should not go to a bar and be around all this BS today. Glad I didn't. On the drive home I was reminded why. At 5pm around the UVM campus kids were just staggering from party to party. I tried to take a picture but one had a 30 rack of bud light, another a sixer of PBR in both hands, another with a bottle of what I think was Captain Morgan, and get the point. I wanted a Guinness, I even freely admitted that

Seeing Clearly - 14 days

Today is the 2 week mark on my break from booze and brews, and I'm doing great. Wanted to share a few things I've discovered along the way, and some highlights. I like analytics, so I'm going to throw some numbers in here as well. First, thank you all. Regardless of whether or not you have reached out, know me, or otherwise.  I can feel the energy again. The support has been amazing. I've been approached and contacted by folks that I don't even know, or know well. Turns out not everyone sucks. Opening up, becoming vulnerable to the world near and far has been thought provoking, empowering, and really fucking good for me. I've found some new things, rediscovered old things, and looking for even more. Stats: Polar Seltzer 1 liter bottles drank - 31 (and I'm halfway through another) Books read 1 finished, and I'm halfway through another I've played guitar for at least 1 hour everyday I've run a total of 18 miles I've signed up for a