I Didn't Even Wear Green

Just another day.

Today is/was Saint Patrick's Day, or Paddy's Day however you choose to write it (just not Patty). It is the first one that I can remember where I did not get shitfaced. Or at the very least have an afternoon nap.

That is weird.

In fact, I did not have drop of alcohol, and I"m going on 24 days without it.

I feel great, I'm thinner, I'm stronger, I'm happier. I even ran 11.5 miles on Saturday, 6.5 more than planned.

Today though, I was craving corned beef and cabbage. So tasty, needed it. Thought to myself probably should not go to a bar and be around all this BS today. Glad I didn't. On the drive home I was reminded why. At 5pm around the UVM campus kids were just staggering from party to party. I tried to take a picture but one had a 30 rack of bud light, another a sixer of PBR in both hands, another with a bottle of what I think was Captain Morgan, and well....you get the point.

I wanted a Guinness, I even freely admitted that to her but I wasn't going to do that. Not with how far I've come. Why stop now right? Need to keep the positive momentum going, no rush to stop that, no hurry to get back. No NEED and that feels good.

 I did however have my corned beef and cabbage, sans Guinness.Thanks City Market for having that in the  buffet, it was delicious.

 I've got a race to run this weekend, only a 10K.Should not be a problem, although this glorious state looks poised to drop snow on my route. It's cool I'll be okay. Spring Fling my ass! Warmth? Please?

 "There's no race, there's only a runner
 Just Keep one foot in front of the other"


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