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2 months

Fiddlehead Hodad from the can is really good, and after 2 months of abstaining from booze and brews for the betterment of myself it was that beer I chose to have 8 weeks to the day of my last. There was no pomp and circumstance, or a OMG I'm having a beer feeling. I was having dinner with Amy and simply decided I would like to have a beer. Easy as that, and it's just fine. I never planned an end date, or thought I would be sober forever. I needed to feel ready, be in control, and not NEED beer. Not once during the 2 months of sobriety did I ever feel I had to have it. Or get the shakes, or freak out, or anything. I'm not alcoholic and it's good to finally be sure of that. I was however, heading down that path. Therapy, love, and hope have got me through and I'm so thankful for all of them. I'm keeping tabs on myself, not going to be a daily drinker anymore. Not going to get drunk anymore, no blackouts or lost time, no raging nights for me. If for a second I