What Now? Thoughts in Mourning.

Like most of America I have a lot of feelings right now. Its day 2 of mourning for me, coming to grips with how the election of Donald Trump may or may not impact me, Vermont, my friends, and this country. 

This isn't about politics, it's not about who is right or wrong, but it is or may be about what is right or wrong. I'm not very party affiliated, or even all that political. I try and stand for what I believe in, and otherwise hope for the best. 

I found hope, and drive when Bernie Sanders ran for the office of President of the United States. Coming on the heels of whom I believe to be the defining President of my life, Obama, it seemed to me we were poised to continue the transition of policy to the new generation of voters. Beyond the boomers so to speak, the folks whom have shaped democracy for years. 

When it comes to politics, I steer clear of some of the more "big league" things I don't know or care a great deal about. Trade agreements, military, foreign policy, economics, etc... I'm a people person, and ultimately I'm just looking for good people to do good things. I want our nation to be inclusive of all folks, I don't want a wall, or peeps to be deported. I don't want every black person frisked due to their color, I don't want peeps that are anything other than straight or male/female to be scared, or to think they should be any less human....because, that is the bottom line. We are all human, our beliefs and morals are what divide us. I could oversimplify that, and fairly say that in many cases our religion divides us. Whatever your believe is great, just don't force it on anyone. Respect each other. 

It's frustrating to be a human right now. 

I don't really know what I feel, or how to feel, or what the fuck I should do about it. 

What can I do about it? Protesting is generally pretty pointless, and we haven't been able to do it right since MLK, It always gets violent or confrontational these days, that solves nothing and further aides the other sides view of us. 

I don't subscribe to the hashtag #NotMyPresident because, well, he is, and the same hashtag was used by folks that didn't want Obama. You know, cuz he "ain't American, and he is Muslim." 

Sure hate breeds hate, love Trumps hate, all of that jazz. However, what is a meme or a sign, or an angry tweet (which I've fired off many) really going to do?

In the 5 stages of grief, I'm somewhere between depression and acceptance. I'm figuring out my next move, I want to figure out how to act. "Be the change you want to see in the world" and other cliché BS lines are flowing like PBR at a frat party, but what does that really mean. HOW can I really move to impact change going forward? 

I do not want this President, but I have him, could be worse I suppose, his running mate would lock up the very pussy's that the Donald wants us to reach out and grab. Talk about mixed messaging, right?

He does have some things going for him that do match my desires in politics, He won, in the same way Bernie could have won. He wants to blow up the system, break it down, and build it back up. I'm all for that, it was an appeal of Bernie I really valued. The 2 party system, is corrupt, and in some ways rigged, bigly. Maybe the orange one can solve for some of this? I like he isn't a politician, I like he isn't status quo. I even like that he can go off script, and speak his mind freely. It's both refreshing and most of the time appalling. 

He woke up a bunch of folks, just like Bernie did. I applaud him for that, but I'm scared to death of the folks he woke up. He mobilized the very WORST of our country. He may not have meant it, time will tell, but the damage is done. It's once again OK to hate, based on color, religion, sex, preference, or just about anything. 

It's weird because, best I can tell Donald isn't the least bit religious. Again, love it. I bet he hasn't been to church in years. Yet somehow, he has managed to build a bible base in an effort to "make America great again" a phrase we all mocked, but rang true to many who felt "the gays, the blacks, etc...” have ruined America. 

I would love to someday have a free America that feels inclusive to me, someone free of religion. That is a long way away, and while petty shit like "god" being all over our money and what not bugs me, I try not to let it get to me because at least I'm a straight/white/male. I’m not the target of the hate train.  I'm deeply worried about everyone else.

We have the real life Facebook comment thread President, backed by the KKK, the Westboro Baptist Church. The true, lowest common denominator of political prowess. Donald is a smart dude, he simplified the standard line, and those American's ate that shit up like an all you can eat buffet. He played the best game, while those of us on the other side fought and bickered among ourselves, and sent forward a candidate that simply had too much baggage to have a shot. We elected the least qualified candidate in American history, he quite literally has no policy or platform. Hate won. *edit: at least in part, I recognize that many of the people who voted for him like those of us who voted for Bernie felt like they weren't being seen, or heard. The working class, the same people Bernie fought for. We have that in common. 

We fought about 3rd party votes (guilty), we grumbled that Bernie could have won (guilty), that shit was rigged (guilty), and meanwhile the other side just stayed true to their one shot, and while many didn't admit doing so, they went hard and heavy for him, and won easily. Big league shit right there. He said knows how to win, and he sure does. 

I could talk about the popular vote, but what's the point? I could (and have) ripped peeps for not voting at all, or voting with their "gut" but again what good will come of it. The past is behind us, and the future is all we have. What can we do about it? What will 2020 look like should we be lucky enough for Agent Orange to keep his fingers off the button? 

I'm embarrassed, and ashamed. Hurt and disappointed. She wasn't my first choice, but damn would it have been amazing to see a women be President, I hope that happens in my lifetime. We are long overdue, we need it. Still amazed millions of women voted for this man. 

So what now, where do I go, what do I feel. What will WE do, those of us that feel we got burned (berned?).  It's not so much about Trump, as it is that people voted and got behind hatred as a policy. We haven't come nearly as far as we came to believe. The fight for equality is a longer road ahead than we thought. 

Bottom line, I'll fight for what I believe in. I don't care if you are left, or right. Conservative or whatever, that shit doesn't matter. It is, what it is. However, if you breed or believe in hate, or the persecution of anyone for what they believe in then I’m coming at cha in any way I can. We are all humans, we have a right to be ourselves. Stop allowing your friends, acquaintances, aunts, uncles, cousins, sisters, mothers, fathers, and brother to accept hatred. We are all in this together, let’s talk and figure it out.

Much love.



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