Dear Canada, I Miss You

Did you know that Canada routinely, and rightly denies entry to their country for folks with a criminal record? I get it, keep those borders safe. They seem to do it right, however did you also know that I can't go to Canada anymore? Yep, I'm a criminal, a danger to all. Watch out. I'm coming for ya.

Anyway, of all the consequences of my actions, this is the one that doesn't go away. I've done the time. I've done Crash, I've lost my license, I've paid thousands in fines, fees, damages, etc.. I've been sober since. I still can't go to Canada.

It's something I love, and I miss it. Recently the Prime Minister has been outspoken in reference to the Trump tragedy here in the states, including the #WelcomeToCanada hashtag on Twitter. I figured, why not write him a little letter of consideration. Not all criminals are created equal. I'm sure he will never see it, but it made me feel a little better.

Do the crime, do the time as they say. Forever seems like forever.




Good morning Sir,

First of all, I would just like to thank you and the people of Canada for proving to be a great neighbor to the USA, and ambassadors to the world. Especially in light of these difficult times we are having in the states. I'm so glad to see you be accepting of others, including refugees. Your recent twitter remarks gave me great hope when my own nation is failing me on that end.

I live in Vermont, a neighbor for my 37 years to Quebec. I've spent many amazing trips in your country, I'm only a short drive away. It is with regret that I must say I can no longer travel to Canada due to an unfortunate criminal incident that I'll never be able to undo. However, I'm working daily in that effort. On January 13th of 2015 I made a poor decision to drive while intoxicated, resulting in being pulled over for a DUI. It is my only criminal offence, I'm otherwise an upstanding citizen. College graduate, and now 2 years and some days Sober as I chose to give up drinking after the embarrassment and shame of the offence.

Its to that end I contact you today, as your neighbor to the south I can no longer travel to Canada because of this DUI. I understand why you would be weary of having folks with a record come to your country, and I respect it. However, I wanted to share my story because I don't think the blanket "ban" works well. People like myself, who are a short drive away and would love to spend money in your country and take in its history no longer can.

I miss it quite a lot.

I don't imagine that you will ever actually read this, but if you do, thank you. I appreciate the consideration. I'm not sure what can be done, but some reports show me as never being able to visit Canada again. That is so sad.

Warm regards,

Dan Barnes


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