Things I Think

Welcome to a new and exciting series, that will probably only be one post but this morning I have some things on my mind...

Some weigh heavily, and some less so but all are equally important in that they really don't fucking matter because it's just me. A dude with a keyboard. Like many with a keyboard these days we are made think we can make a difference, which probably isn't true at all but it is a nice feeling and since its holy week I'll roll with some nice feelings in the face of a potential zombie jesus rise.

I digress.

So, like I said...things I think or TIT for short. New series or single post sweeping the nation. TBD.

  • Jack White is terrible. How can anyone tolerate his voice at all? He is to ears what six pack rings are to sea birds. It's really bad. HOWEVER, he made the news recently for two reasons that I think are interesting. 
    • First, obviously pawn shop guitars aren't going to work out in the long run dude. Welcome to being in tune.
    • Second, I LOVE his concert camera and cell phone ban. Other bands have been doing this lately, and I'm fully on board. A Perfect Circle comes to mind. There is a company (Yonder) that even locks up phones at some shows. I'm all in. I like to take a couple quick snaps and perhaps a short vid but people aren't even watching the show with their eyes anymore, it's totally out of hand. Live in the moment yo. 
  • Privacy, do you think you really ever had it? Yeah I get your #DeleteFacebook holier than thou quest. Would you like a t shirt or a badge? Maybe some trophy? You can put it right next to your Amazon, Google, or Apple Wiretap you got for xmas. Be smarter with your shit, I support that. We all overshare, and put too much out there. I'll give you that, guilty as charged but your car is listening, Alexa is listening, SIRI is listening etc.. I'm not worried if Facebook knows I sent Amy texts about dinner and called the Dentist to get my grill shined. Also, everyone should brush up on how paid advertising works on the internet, but put on your tinfoil hats first because it gets wildly personal.
  • I don't understand office plants, and people spend way too much effort on them. 
  • Guns.....uh oh, triggered are ya? Hear me out, it's not that complicated. I think that it is reasonable to make it as difficult to get a firearm as it is for a women to get an abortion, or anyone to get a car. Shit you can't even get a tattoo of Taz without parents permission until your 18. You have to register your car and pay an annual fee for the right to do so, yet nobody loses their collective shit because of this? How is it unreasonable to keep track of who has them and what they are? Are you in fact part of a "Well regulated militia?" NO YOU FUCKING ARE NOT. Nobody, not me, not Obama, not these amazing kids marching are trying to take your fucking guns away. Can we not just be smarter about them? It isn't that hard. It really fucking isn't. I believe in the 2nd amendment, you want to be able to defend yourself in the unlikely event that a whole bunch of things line up perfectly for you to do so. I get it, that is indeed your right. Do you need a fucking machine gun to do it? If you have such a boner for guns like that, go join the army and do something with life. Otherwise pop in Call of Duty like the rest of us.

Well, that is about all I can handle for this morning. I need more coffee, and you probably need a nap. I hope you enjoyed the first in a possible series of TITs. Until next time, lets all keep yelling into the abyss, eventually someone will hear us. 



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