General Iceland Travel Tips

(in progress) Eating : food is expensive at restaurants, tipping is not typical at all so what you see is what you pay. Its much cheaper to eat at container stands (like our food trucks, but in containers) or even gas stations. Most all of them are well equipped with food you would be surprised doesn't suck. Your money will go far if you hit the grocery store for provisions to have at your lodging or on the road. If you eat at a restaurant expect about $30 min in our money for a burger or similar. Money : everywhere and everyone gladly takes cards, you have zero need for changing over to cash. Self checkout at grocery and similar has a language button for English. Often cards will ask if you want them to do the conversion from Kroner to Dollars, no need to do this. Your bank or card will have a better rate. Rental Car : Get all the insurance they offer, seriously. The roads of Iceland are full of flying asphalt, high chance you get a chip or similar in your window. If  you can affo

Traveling to Iceland during a global pandemic!

Traveling to Iceland during a global pandemic for fun! What you should know before going! I've always had a fascination with geology, and the earth sciences were a briefly considered career path but I had not found a route to get there. For as long as I can recall I've had a dream to see lava. I'll tell you about that in another blog post which eventually I'll write and link to here. Dan, you know we're in a pandemic right? WTF are you doing travelling for leisure?  I am fully vaccinated, and took precautions and considerations. Risk vs reward, etc.. Only you can decide what is best for you. Despite being fully vaccinated, I took a Covid test 2 days before leaving just in case for peace of mind. Knowing I'd get another upon arrival.  So you're thinking about taking a trip to Iceland yourself? Awesome, here is how it all goes down. I'd guess things will change and evolve, so I can only speak to how it is/was in early May.  Step one, get vaccinated. It wil

Get Vaccinated SOONER Vermont - Helpful Tips

Last update 05/03/2021 7:45am EST State sponsored sites As of May 3rd anyone that wants a shot should be able to easily find one through any tool on the same day or next, hopefully this was useful but I’ll no longer be updating it. Be well, take care, be safe. While I believe the state is doing their best given the circumstances of their outdated technology, and inconsistent communication in the federal pharmacy program, there are a lot of folks struggling to get a vaccine appointment, or are pushing out weeks away (better than months from the beginning.) You should have no issue getting for first, or only shot at within days of reading this post. In some cases, NEXT DAY are readily available.  RECENT UPDATES J&J has resumed, rejoice!! As of  Monday the 26th there is wide open availability at the pharmacies all over the state for shots in the next four days. It should no longer be hard to get one. Northfield Pharmacy is now doing J&J again, here . Look for more drive in, walk-i


I thought about not writing anything for this particular milestone. I wondered if there would be value in it, and for whom. Maybe I'm saying the same thing every year. Then I realized, none of that matters. This is for me.  That being said, maybe one person looks it over and decides to take stock of their situation. Maybe not, but knowing it could benefit someone is a bonus.  I found myself tuning in for a little bit of the college football playoff game on Monday night, and it occurred to me that the last time Ohio State played in the game was the worst best night of my life. Six long years ago. Naturally, there was reflection. I didn't pay much attention to the game.  I've got other posts on the details, there isn't need to rehash them. The short version is I'd convinced myself again that drinking wasn't a problem for me, and I was wrong. It nearly killed me that night. Worse, it nearly killed someone else. Had circumstances been just a little different in any

Tips on Finding Great Travel Deals

Zermat, Switzerland | Gornergrat For me, when it comes to traveling you simply can't do it enough. There is no better use of your hard earned money in my opinion then exploring the world around you.  I've been traveling for a number of years now, and make it a priority. That being said, travel can be expensive! This is especially true if you don't do your homework when booking it.  People ask me often where, how I find deals, what to look for etc.. I figured I would create post here mostly to link folks to when that happens, and I'll update it as I find new tools and resources.   I use a number of tools when searching for deals. I also have some general rules that help me get the best deals. There are a million ways to do it but research and patience are key, as is some email spam. There is no secret sauce here, its just work but there are tons of tools to make it easier. Its a lot of fun if you let it be. F Be flexible, if you have hard date

Things I Think: Ancestry & Memorial Day

Issac O Titus I think that now more than ever it's important to reflect upon the past in order to look towards the future. Especially when it comes to where we all came from, where we are going, and who we might meet along the way. In the last couple of years, I dug into my genealogy via by way of the DNA test and subscribing to their service. Unfortunately, a lot of the folks that I could learn from have passed on, and I never took the chance as a young person to learn much about my family's history. I've recently learned that at least one bloodline of mine originated in London, England. My ancestor traveled to CT in the mid 1600's, confirming at least part of what my DNA profile told me. I'm still digging into the other bloodlines that made me, but recently I've discovered something I never knew--I have a handful of veterans in my family. Being Memorial Day, I've been thinking a fair amount about that. I wanted to share what I've

Things I Think | Dan's Top Albums

"10 of my all time favorite albums, in no particular order. Albums that really made an impact and are still on your rotation list, even if only now and then. Post the cover, no need to explain." That was the task. Thanks to a Facebook tag I joined in on the fun. I've really enjoyed reading people's lists. I opted just to post and not tag anyone, for fear of rejection primarily but also... you're welcome. You could read this so many ways, so I want to start out by telling you how I chose and what part resonated with me. "Albums that really made an impact" was the key for me. So before you jump on me for including Silverchair in a top 10 albums list, please remember that it's one of a hell of a long list. I'll do a proper top 10 at some point as I did with the top ten songs here. Here in this edition of TITs, I'm going to give a little background on what made that album so important to me. So, it's day 10 and those following from FB