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Traveling to Iceland during a global pandemic!

Traveling to Iceland during a global pandemic for fun! What you should know before going! I've always had a fascination with geology, and the earth sciences were a briefly considered career path but I had not found a route to get there. For as long as I can recall I've had a dream to see lava. I'll tell you about that in another blog post which eventually I'll write and link to here. Dan, you know we're in a pandemic right? WTF are you doing travelling for leisure?  I am fully vaccinated, and took precautions and considerations. Risk vs reward, etc.. Only you can decide what is best for you. Despite being fully vaccinated, I took a Covid test 2 days before leaving just in case for peace of mind. Knowing I'd get another upon arrival.  So you're thinking about taking a trip to Iceland yourself? Awesome, here is how it all goes down. I'd guess things will change and evolve, so I can only speak to how it is/was in early May.  Step one, get vaccinated. It wil