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General Iceland Travel Tips

(in progress) Eating : food is expensive at restaurants, tipping is not typical at all so what you see is what you pay. Its much cheaper to eat at container stands (like our food trucks, but in containers) or even gas stations. Most all of them are well equipped with food you would be surprised doesn't suck. Your money will go far if you hit the grocery store for provisions to have at your lodging or on the road. If you eat at a restaurant expect about $30 min in our money for a burger or similar. Money : everywhere and everyone gladly takes cards, you have zero need for changing over to cash. Self checkout at grocery and similar has a language button for English. Often cards will ask if you want them to do the conversion from Kroner to Dollars, no need to do this. Your bank or card will have a better rate. Rental Car : Get all the insurance they offer, seriously. The roads of Iceland are full of flying asphalt, high chance you get a chip or similar in your window. If  you can affo