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Tips on Finding Great Travel Deals

Zermat, Switzerland | Gornergrat For me, when it comes to traveling you simply can't do it enough. There is no better use of your hard earned money in my opinion then exploring the world around you.  I've been traveling for a number of years now, and make it a priority. That being said, travel can be expensive! This is especially true if you don't do your homework when booking it.  People ask me often where, how I find deals, what to look for etc.. I figured I would create post here mostly to link folks to when that happens, and I'll update it as I find new tools and resources.   I use a number of tools when searching for deals. I also have some general rules that help me get the best deals. There are a million ways to do it but research and patience are key, as is some email spam. There is no secret sauce here, its just work but there are tons of tools to make it easier. Its a lot of fun if you let it be. F Be flexible, if you have hard date