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What Now? Thoughts in Mourning.

Like most of America I have a lot of feelings right now. Its day 2 of mourning for me, coming to grips with how the election of Donald Trump may or may not impact me, Vermont, my friends, and this country.  This isn't about politics, it's not about who is right or wrong, but it is or may be about what is right or wrong. I'm not very party affiliated, or even all that political. I try and stand for what I believe in, and otherwise hope for the best.  I found hope, and drive when Bernie Sanders ran for the office of President of the United States. Coming on the heels of whom I believe to be the defining President of my life, Obama, it seemed to me we were poised to continue the transition of policy to the new generation of voters. Beyond the boomers so to speak, the folks whom have shaped democracy for years.  When it comes to politics, I steer clear of some of the more "big league" things I don't know or care a great deal about. Trade agreement

How the F is it September?

Seriously. You always hear peeps say "how time flies" or that as you get older the days/months/years seem to accelerate. These are all things I have ignored or disregarded until now. It's September, of the year 2016. Tomorrow will seemingly be winter, and the year is basically done. Irrational? Sure. Truth? Fuck yes it is. At least in my mind. I'm scrambling to grasp at the remaining light of summer, the never ending days, and the glorious hotness that we enjoyed here in the greater Burlington, VT #BTV area. Doing my best to reconcile how great it was, how much fun was had, and how thankful I am for it. However, I'm struggling. Fall means shorter days, the need for shoes and socks (ew) and the impending DOOM of winters cruel chill. I can't even (as the kids say). I guess I should start writing 2017 just to get used to it. I love fall, don't get me wrong. It's a beautiful season, especially here in the northeast. We are lucky enough to

Sober Stick Figure & Misc Debris

O I just finished reading "Sober Stick Figure" by Amber Tozer, and it's inspired me to sit down and write a little bit. As per usual, it's been awhile. I read that book in 3 sittings, I felt throughout I was reading parts of my life. It was fascinating. I love reading memoirs, and seeing others through their lense of sobriety. I find it helps ground me in a way that isn't easy to explain. The world is full of alcoholics, and folks struggling through addiction and books like this are kinda like my AA meetings. I guess writing is me speaking at those meetings. Everyone should read this, it expertly captures the mind of an alcoholic in a witty, honest, and painfully funny way.  I'm 585 days removed from "rock bottom" and I have no fear of a relapse but I'm constantly reminded of my past mistakes. My struggles, and my addiction. I don't have to look far thanks to social media, and the dreaded "this day in history" bullshit for examp

500 Days

I’m nearly 500 days into my new life as a sober person, or as they say in the community “I have nearly 500 days sober” (490 as of this post) Regardless of how I say it, sounds odd to me. Semantics.  In any case, you know “why” I got sober, my well documented and storied history with binge drinking is the thing of legends (in the worst possible way).But the journey through sobriety has been the real win. It took a little while, I’d say the first 100 or so days to really figure out for myself how/if this new lifestyle choice would work. Once I got through that quite honestly it’s been easy. I’m not saying that to brag at all, but I truly rarely find being sober “hard” like I read so much about. I miss the community it afforded me, and the people but not much beyond that. Getting used to being around drunk people or drinking people is still a challenge for sure. I didn’t follow the 12 steps, or even go to any meetings. I explored them, to see if they would be a fit for me but ultimat