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500 Days

I’m nearly 500 days into my new life as a sober person, or as they say in the community “I have nearly 500 days sober” (490 as of this post) Regardless of how I say it, sounds odd to me. Semantics.  In any case, you know “why” I got sober, my well documented and storied history with binge drinking is the thing of legends (in the worst possible way).But the journey through sobriety has been the real win. It took a little while, I’d say the first 100 or so days to really figure out for myself how/if this new lifestyle choice would work. Once I got through that quite honestly it’s been easy. I’m not saying that to brag at all, but I truly rarely find being sober “hard” like I read so much about. I miss the community it afforded me, and the people but not much beyond that. Getting used to being around drunk people or drinking people is still a challenge for sure. I didn’t follow the 12 steps, or even go to any meetings. I explored them, to see if they would be a fit for me but ultimat