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Sober Stick Figure & Misc Debris

O I just finished reading "Sober Stick Figure" by Amber Tozer, and it's inspired me to sit down and write a little bit. As per usual, it's been awhile. I read that book in 3 sittings, I felt throughout I was reading parts of my life. It was fascinating. I love reading memoirs, and seeing others through their lense of sobriety. I find it helps ground me in a way that isn't easy to explain. The world is full of alcoholics, and folks struggling through addiction and books like this are kinda like my AA meetings. I guess writing is me speaking at those meetings. Everyone should read this, it expertly captures the mind of an alcoholic in a witty, honest, and painfully funny way.  I'm 585 days removed from "rock bottom" and I have no fear of a relapse but I'm constantly reminded of my past mistakes. My struggles, and my addiction. I don't have to look far thanks to social media, and the dreaded "this day in history" bullshit for examp