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How the F is it September?

Seriously. You always hear peeps say "how time flies" or that as you get older the days/months/years seem to accelerate. These are all things I have ignored or disregarded until now. It's September, of the year 2016. Tomorrow will seemingly be winter, and the year is basically done. Irrational? Sure. Truth? Fuck yes it is. At least in my mind. I'm scrambling to grasp at the remaining light of summer, the never ending days, and the glorious hotness that we enjoyed here in the greater Burlington, VT #BTV area. Doing my best to reconcile how great it was, how much fun was had, and how thankful I am for it. However, I'm struggling. Fall means shorter days, the need for shoes and socks (ew) and the impending DOOM of winters cruel chill. I can't even (as the kids say). I guess I should start writing 2017 just to get used to it. I love fall, don't get me wrong. It's a beautiful season, especially here in the northeast. We are lucky enough to