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Room With A View

 “It’s the alcohol! I know that this is the constant binging,” a wife cried to her husband of over 40 years in the hospital bed beside my father, who was recovering from surgery. This is not what I expected to witness whilst at the hospital taking care of Dad over the weekend, but it is what I got. It shook me. The sun sets over Lake Champlain | view from the room It was the morning after Dad’s surgery and he was recovering fine (still is, but this is not that story). His neighbor in room ‘622 with a view’ the previous evening had been a surly fellow who had a stroke, but couldn’t wait to get outside for a smoke.  Meanwhile, his family of ashtray hearts bantered around the bedside, complaining how far they had to walk to find a place to light up. “Just go daown to the gararge and smoke in the truck—it’s closa,” one family member suggested. Again, this is not that story. When I arrived the next morning, I noticed the new neighbor. Dad told me he had arrived late the nig

Dear Canada, I Miss You

Did you know that Canada routinely, and rightly denies entry to their country for folks with a criminal record? I get it, keep those borders safe. They seem to do it right, however did you also know that I can't go to Canada anymore? Yep, I'm a criminal, a danger to all. Watch out. I'm coming for ya. Anyway, of all the consequences of my actions, this is the one that doesn't go away. I've done the time. I've done Crash, I've lost my license, I've paid thousands in fines, fees, damages, etc.. I've been sober since. I still can't go to Canada. It's something I love, and I miss it. Recently the Prime Minister has been outspoken in reference to the Trump tragedy here in the states, including the #WelcomeToCanada hashtag on Twitter. I figured, why not write him a little letter of consideration. Not all criminals are created equal. I'm sure he will never see it, but it made me feel a little better. Do the crime, do the time as they say.