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Things I Think

Welcome to a new and exciting series, that will probably only be one post but this morning I have some things on my mind... Some weigh heavily, and some less so but all are equally important in that they really don't fucking matter because it's just me. A dude with a keyboard. Like many with a keyboard these days we are made think we can make a difference, which probably isn't true at all but it is a nice feeling and since its holy week I'll roll with some nice feelings in the face of a potential zombie jesus rise. I digress. So, like I said...things I think or TIT for short. New series or single post sweeping the nation. TBD. Jack White is terrible. How can anyone tolerate his voice at all? He is to ears what six pack rings are to sea birds. It's really bad. HOWEVER, he made the news recently for two reasons that I think are interesting.  First, obviously pawn shop guitars aren't going to work out in the long run dude. Welcome to being in tune. S

Understanding & Recovery

More often than not I compose blog posts in my head, or get loose ideas and never actually come here to write them down and share. Lately I've been thinking a lot about putting my thoughts down around the subject of understanding what it means to be in recovery, and how that is perceived by folks you care about. Folks you think may care about you, those who do not, and those you hate or hold a grudge (likely for very good reasons). I've come to the conclusion that people generally just don't understand...may never understand, and I need to be okay with that. When you work so hard to downplay a problem, or hide it from the world. Make excuses, cover it up, and believe yourself that you are just fine. Convincing yourself an others that drinking is a good hobby. I think then, to no surprise people begin to believe you. Despite the blackouts. Despite driving drunk. Despite being inappropriate. Despite being an asshole. ...and so much more. There are many stories,