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Things I Think | Dan's Top Albums

"10 of my all time favorite albums, in no particular order. Albums that really made an impact and are still on your rotation list, even if only now and then. Post the cover, no need to explain." That was the task. Thanks to a Facebook tag I joined in on the fun. I've really enjoyed reading people's lists. I opted just to post and not tag anyone, for fear of rejection primarily but also... you're welcome. You could read this so many ways, so I want to start out by telling you how I chose and what part resonated with me. "Albums that really made an impact" was the key for me. So before you jump on me for including Silverchair in a top 10 albums list, please remember that it's one of a hell of a long list. I'll do a proper top 10 at some point as I did with the top ten songs here. Here in this edition of TITs, I'm going to give a little background on what made that album so important to me. So, it's day 10 and those following from FB

Things I Think | The Greatest Songs Ever Written, Recorded, and Performed

Good morning! Welcome to another editions of "Things I Think" In this TITs post you'll get to participate! If you follow me over on Twitter than this is old hat for you, but I wanted to put it in here for later use. This morning Amy spinning the album "Thriller" has me thinking about a new series about my top ten (or more albums). Look for that soon over on the platform the prez is destroying. So, since limitations exist on character limits over there here are #DansTopSongs with a bit more explanation as to why they made MY list. What are your top songs? Why? The 10 greatest songs ever written, recorded, and performed according to me are. 1. Tiny Dancer - Elton John I had heard this song a number of times as a younger person, but it wasn't until I saw and heard it in "Almost Famous" that it connected with me in some magical way I still can't explain. Every time I hear it in any format I kinda lose it, I don't know why. That