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Last update 05/03/2021 7:45am EST

State sponsored sites
As of May 3rd anyone that wants a shot should be able to easily find one through any tool on the same day or next, hopefully this was useful but I’ll no longer be updating it. Be well, take care, be safe.

While I believe the state is doing their best given the circumstances of their outdated technology, and inconsistent communication in the federal pharmacy program, there are a lot of folks struggling to get a vaccine appointment, or are pushing out weeks away (better than months from the beginning.) You should have no issue getting for first, or only shot at within days of reading this post. In some cases, NEXT DAY are readily available. 


  • J&J has resumed, rejoice!!
  • As of  Monday the 26th there is wide open availability at the pharmacies all over the state for shots in the next four days. It should no longer be hard to get one.
  • Northfield Pharmacy is now doing J&J again, here.
  • Look for more drive in, walk-in clinics popping up all over.
  • JUST IN! UVM outpatient pharmacies offering J&J beginning next week sign up HERE

This is for you, you can do better. Get your shot within a week or two using these tips.

Step 1: Make sure you have preregistered at the state site here

Step 2: Make sure you have logins and have completed all you can at CVS Walgreens, and Kinney Drugs.

Ok, now my advice is to focus on the state and CVS. Walgreens can be clunky, and Kinney is always a few weeks out. 

NEW - you might get a call to be put on a wait list if you have a state appointment, see details of that here on the FAQ

As of now everyone in Vermont 16+ can sign up!

  • CVS and Walgreens are often pushing their appointments for the new age band by 6am, some reports even early so BE EARLY
  • There are TONS of state vaccine locations (see map above or here)
    • Costco, Walmart, Hannaford etc.. are all included within the state program
  • The state sites will tell you very clearly at first glance if its the single dose J&J. 
  • CVS will also be very clear which you are signing up for, the one on Church Street (Burlington) has been doing J&J, several others as well. Not always the same ones, so be diligent. 
  • Kinney Drugs has 2 workflows, one for Pfizer, another for Moderna. Should be clearly marked.
  • Walgreens has been all 2 dose that I have seen so far. Seeing reports some have got J&J now.
  • Grocery stores are starting to see vaccines as well, Market 32, Hannaford, and Shaws. Can't hurt to check if you're there doing some shopping. There is confirmation of some people getting walk-ins. The state reports otherwise but my stance is it can't hurt to ask. All the grocery stores appear to run through the state program at this time. (updated above with link to Shaws scheduler though indications are those might also be state sites now.)
New Option - Get Vaccinated in New Hampshire, anyone 16+ regardless of residency can sign up for a vaccine. This could be beneficial for Vermonters on border towns! Link is here or call 866-444-4211 (source ; vtdigger)

General Tips 

  • First focus should be to lock in an appointment, seems obvious right? Well just grab the first best one you see regardless and book it. Then the fun begins.
  • The soonest appointment is the best one.
  • Don't worry too much about which vaccine you get, I found this video really helpful but whatever works best for you is the right choice for you. 
  • Another resource people are finding success with is Vaccine Spotter, sometimes it will see appointments you can't! 
  • Some people also report using Find A Shot with success, check it out here.
  • An option if you know someone or are someone that just can’t seem to get something is to work with the Vaccine Fairy team of volunteers. Check them out here. Nationwide program.
  • Be cautious about very rural areas, they may only have one vaccination site for miles and miles so be mindful our fellow Vermonters in those areas need a place to go as well. So while driving is your choice, and in my opinion worth it. If you can stay in your general area, that is ideal.  
    • Once you have an appointment locked in, take a breath, but the work isn't over. Its time to refresh. Especially on the state site, people are adding/dropping/changing all the time.
Once you have one, your state site will look like this:

Some things of note, you can see that even though I have the J&J it still says Dose 1, that can be confusing so just keep an eye out. 

  • The reschedule button on the state site is KEY to success, you can click this and you will NOT lose the existing appointment until you confirm a new one. Once you are in there, stick to the parameters within 14 days, there is zero need to wait longer. Keep refreshing the sites and counties that work for you, it could take a minute, it might take 30 but you will find one. I've known more than one person to get in the same DAY.
  • You often have to manipulate the pull-down menus to see new appointments, change to Franklin then back again, or change the time parameters. This process, while odd, will show you updates the more you do it.

  • Great detailed post about CVS here
  • They are adding appointments in the morning on MOST days, and they only book a week out so check the page above often if you aren't satisfied with what you have 
  • Daily updates between 6am-7am a great time to check
    • lately I've been getting the message below at 6:06am est, and then being brought to the scheduler 10 minutes later
  • You must get into the waiting room with the lady in the heart and refresh until you get the auto refresh message here, once you have this you are essentially in line. 

  • For reasons unknown, Bennington almost ALWAYS has appointments available so if you're game for a drive (twice, they so far have been a 2 dose site,) its an easy win.
  • You could get your first dose in one location, and you second in another. It would require you to reschedule the second at a different CVS, then cancel your first. Not a very smooth process, but possible. Its been reported by several users to work here in Vermont. 
  • You can search by the first 3 digits of a zip code as well here, or just click all in Vermont
Example of CVS locations
Example using zip lookup

  • Some folks report a glitch where they see an appointment, but can't schedule because there isn't a second dose available yet. This is frustrating and why I suggest CVS and the state, but its worth looking at here. 
  • Sometimes zip codes don't work, but typing the town, state will. Bennington, VT instead of 05201 for example.
  • Some peeps have had success booking via phone at 1-800-WALGREENS
  • Walgreens will show appoints in the next 5 days only.
  • There have been some examples of appointments being made, but the pharmacy NOT having doses to give. Call to confirm. 


Share with people you know online and offline, help others, don't be afraid to drive if that is what gets you the shot sooner.

Gentle reminder, you won't always know what makes people eligible. Its not just age, so be nice. If you know people that are vaccine hesitant, try and help guide them to resources where they can learn more. Every person counts. 

In summary, it might take some time, it will be frustrating, but its worth it. Keep after it and get yourself signed up. Then help your friends, and even your enemies! The sooner we all get the goods, the sooner life will return to something normalish we recognize. 




*should you need it, the health dept is 855-722-7878 

w/thanks to collaborators on this Matt, Dave, Kevin, and to anyone else that helped shape this. Additional thanks to VPR  for giving me a chance to talk about this on air . Please consider donating to the good work they do.


*I am not affiliated with, endorsed by, or employed by anyone in a related field. I'm just here to help people navigate the various systems to get an appointment sooner. I am not a doctor, if you have questions please ask yours. I do not have any knowledge or insider information and all the information here is publicly available. Thanks for reading, I hope it helped.*


  1. CVS seems to be adding bulk appointments at midnight now, and typically only five days out.


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